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Game Novus

Šilutė Personal Enterprise"Virekta” was the first in Western Lithuania to begin producing tables for game Novus which is similar to billiards. It is a small table only 1,04x1,04 m size which is easy to dismantle and re-set as follows. Therefore, it does not need the space of a billiard table. Its basis is made of moisture resistant 15 mm thick special plywood. The kit, with a relatively low cost, consists of a table, folding legs, two sticks, 16 pieces of checkers. Novus can be played by up to 4 people. The rules of the game and the use of a table are explained in the instructions for use which are enclosed to the purchase. The company "Virekta”, possessing excellent woodworking equipment, provides only good quality products to its customers.

From the history of Novus

More than hundred years ago fishermen used to play this game on boats and small harbor pubs of England. 1927 in Latvia, the first Novus table was manufactured according to sketches made in England.
In particular, these tables appeared in Ventspils, Riga and Liepaja ports and out of there Novus game began to spread throughout the country. First rules of the game date back to 1932. There were two game titles - "Novus" and "Corona". It is believed that the second name came from Estonia. There this game first started to play in port cities as well. But the Latvian Novus spread much faster and soon became a national sport. 1932 in Riga, the first Novus Professional Games were organized. 6 December 1963, Latvian Novus Federation was established. Since 1964, the championship of individuals, and since 1966 a team championship of game Novus take place. Since 1971, Novus players in Latvia started to be provided master of sports titles. These were awarded to 82 sportsmen and 45 sportswomen. In 1980, Novus sections in Latvia combined 55 thousand of people. Currently districts’, cities’, national and international Novus Games are held. It is interesting to note that in 1993 Novus game was among the three most popular sports in Latvia. Nowadays Novus game becomes more and more popular in America, Canada, Australia, England and Germany. Estonia and Latvia regularly host international tournaments. Since 1993, world games of Novus are held involving teams from the countries in which Novus is popular. Latvia Novus Federation President Ian Piebalgs expects that Novus will successfully spread to other countries, where new team will be able to participate in the next World Novus Games.

Ideal occupation for holidaymakers

With a rapidly increasing number of rural tourism, various resorts and saunas, this game would be just a perfect occupation for cool and fun leisure. Novus tables could also be bought by individual homeowners renting premises for summer holidaymakers in Palanga and other resort towns and villages. According to A.Vitkus, Novus is a really exciting and passionate game. This is evidenced by its strong popularity in Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

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