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Kitchen furniture


Laminated chipboard panel

Kitchen furniture is made of laminated chipboard panels characterize by its clear lines and lightness. It is a good solution for those who value youthful house simplicity and ease.

Painted or wood shell coated panel (MDF)

Kitchen furniture can be made from painted wood shell coated or painted milled wood dust panels (MDF). These are light kitchen furniture for those who value classic as much as modern home style. It is possible to use various curved shapes, milling, fillings. This way it is possible to give your kitchen more extraordinary looks than making it from laminated chipboard panels. It is possible to combine painted milled wood dust panels with cast stone countertops.

Solid wood

Kitchen furniture can be made from solid wood for those who value longstanding traditions and the time-tested materials. Such furniture will fit with the classic and the modern home environment. There is a wide variety of solutions as well as options of fulfillment. Solid wood kitchen furniture nicely fits with cast stone countertops. They will be luxurious and longstanding.

All of these materials can be combined with each other when manufacturing furniture for individual projects, in order to get a distinctive impression and comfort to the kitchen to fit your particular home.
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